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Can I apply for APS again by doing second Masters in France?

  • Posted on: Thu, 03/07/2019 - 15:19
  • By: lokesh
Hello, I finished my one year Masters in France in 2016 and I got my APS extension for one year. Due to the family situations, I returned to my home country (India) and I didn’t go to France after that. Now, I live in Poland under a student visa (doing research) till October 2019 and I am applying for a second Masters program in France. My question is 1) Can I get a student visa if I got admission to a French university? If yes, can I process my visa from Poland? 2) Can I apply for APS again once I finished my second Masters in France? Please give me a reply to this. Thanks in advance

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Are we allowed to travel in Schengen area without OFII?

I landed Paris last month, I'm planning weekend trip to Barcelona. Can I plan without OFII?

Yes, We are allowed!!!

Well, as you arrived Paris last month, that clearly says your OFII is remaining, But you can travel within three months of your arrival to schengen area, without OFII. To be on safer side avoid air travel.

Is it necessary to have insurance for the process of long stay VISA renewal?

Hi, I am planning to apply for my long stay visa renewal this month. So, I am wondering is it necessary to pay for insurance. Do they ask for that.

It's part of checklist!!!

Yes, being a student in france and for VISA renewal you must have insurance certificate, if you don't have ask you school to provide one. It's already mentioned in checklist for documents necessary for your VISA renewal.

Can I travel on Récépissé?

Hello, I am student in Paris, on Long stay Visa. Recently I've applied for my VISA renewal and got recepisse for three months validity. So, Can I travel to India and come back here on recepisse without facing any problem.

Indian student can travel with recepisse..!!!

Answer to the question: 

Yes, You can travel to India with your recepisse. It's always recommended to book direct flight to India on recepissee, sometimes I have seen problem with other countries via connecting flights. Coming from my experience, I have travelled twice on recepisse, Direct to New Delhi and Via Dubai, without any problem.

Can anyone share information about the process of APS?

  • Posted on: Sat, 01/28/2017 - 23:40
  • By: Rishabh

Hey, I am on Long Stay Visa, and finishing my Master this May. I am looking for documents required for APS.

Looking for the same.

I am also looking for answer. It would be great if someone answer this.