CAF: Applying for CAF and know it’s benefits.

Content-writer • 31 January 2017

CAF stands for Caisses d'Allocations Familiales!

It’s a benefit to all the people/students(next section will explain who are eligible for CAF) living in France. Under CAF, France government will help you by providing a part of your rent to support your living expenses.

It’s hard to get actual information and condition for getting this benefits from the french government.

Don’t worry if you are Indian and staying here on any type of Long Stay Student VISA. you are eligible! No worries :)

You would be receiving CAF living in any type of accommodation as long as you are under any contract for your stay.

Please check VISA type, if you want to know more about Indian Student VISA.

Applying for CAF

Since administrative formalities are very slow so it’s better to start your CAF process once you arrived in Paris. If you are a student, then in most of the cases your school would help you to get all formalities done. You have to be ready for all supporting documents.


Here are the list of documents:

1. Birth Certificate:

It’s highly recommended to get translated copy in French from INDIA before arriving here! In this way, you can save your lots of money spending here for translation. Anyways don’t worry you can find list of translation agency here.

2. Bank Account:

I will advise you not to plan any trip before finishing many formalities from your school because you never know when agency(bank) is going to visit your school to open an account. It’s very hard to communicate them in French! Always carry your documents (list of documents) for opening a bank account. List of documents for opening a bank account.

3. Passport and VISA copy:

It’s highly recommended to carry multiple copies of passport in your school bag, You will need that every time in every formalities here. Sometimes they will also ask for copy of VISA along with passport.

4. Course Certificate:

Though your school would have some integration with servicing agency(bank), but it’s highly advisable to attach certificate because every time this document would says about your student status.

I have very bad experience with different banking agency--I have many accounts.

Frustration and looking for better services made me to have many bank accounts here!

Don’t get wrong ideas. I don’t have money. :P

5. Rental agreement (paper which says about your tenancy)

It’s time to dig in deep with your landlord or student apartment to provide a paper (don’t forget this is an agreement and everything!) for you saying that you have been living here.)

Kindly note that you will receive CAF allocation from the second month of your stay. You will not get any benefits for the first month!

For example if you arrived here on 1st September and your contract starts from 1st September then you will get CAF benefits from 1st October. Also, If you arrived in the last week of September then also, you would be receiving  CAF from October since your contract is effective from September.

Next post would be about filling up the CAF form, CAF process.

Best of Luck!