Open a Bank account in Paris, France

Content-writer • 31 January 2017

It’s always exciting to land on your dream place!

Yes, Paris, France is my dream city, and I am living my dream. :)

And, we all know that money brings happiness. It's true, you need loads of money and of course, a safe place to store them. 

Well.. It’s always advisable to open a bank account. It’s my strong advice don’t delay this formalities at least, I recommend this at the top in your list.

In most of the cases, you will come here on student VISA, and your school would be ready to help you and infact it’s their responsibility to facilitate you to open a bank account.
Initially, it’s better to open an account with your school's banking partner and later on you can go anywhere with all your required documents to open an account. I have three bank accounts. ;)

Société Générale, BNP Paribas, LCL and HSBC are the major banks and are famous for servicing foreign nationals.

Here are the list of documents required for opening a bank account

  1. Passport copy: Everything for you here.
  2. School Certificate: A certificate saying about your enrolment in the school with validity date mentioned. Don’t forget to make many copies of this certificate.
  3. VISA copy: says everything, don't forget to have multiple copies.
  4. Passport size photograph: Getting a passport size photographs is little costly here, so it's highly recommended to bring as many you can from india. 
  5. Contract from your lodgement(an address proof): A copy of contract as a proof of residence.